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What is Plant a Seed?

The idea of Plant a Seed started as a study project about urban gardening in the master of environmental engineering. But while planning a hypothetical concept for a more sustainable and green campus one big question popped up: why shouldn’t we implement those sustainable technologies right on our own campus?

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The vision to start a bottom-up change by our young generation was born. We wanted to create a project where students from all fields can apply their theoretical knowledge to contribute to sustainable campus development. Since then the idea and mission have evolved and created a tangible impact in just a few months. Our members‘ enthusiasm for sustainable topics has created a wave of action that is shown by our dynamic and fast-growing team.

Our Mission

Plant a Seed aims to raise awareness about food production and consumption, link people with nature by encouraging and strengthening their connection, and visualize sustainability on the university campus.

Our Vision

A space that enables students to practice more sustainable lifestyles and diets thanks to the knowledge acquired, and to unite as a team that makes the university campus greener and more sustainable.”

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