Current Modules

Current Modules

1) Project course with AStA
organized by AStA – more infos on how to sign up:
  • 3 ECTS – open to all study fields
  • You have the chance to dive into project management, social skills development and so much more in a real case study within Plant a Seed
  • Examples: create a flyer for Plant a Seed, Create a workshop or survey about the change in our initiative

Habitat Creation for wild bees

  • Specific kinds of wildflowers were planted on meadows at Campus Weihenstephan
  • in order to create more habitats for wild bees

Nesting aids for wild bees

  • Did you know that 75% of wild bees live in the ground?
  • That’s why on specific sites on campus Weihenstephan, nesting aids were built in the ground for wild bees

Campus Ackerdemia

  • In Campus Garden Knosporus in Weihenstephan a new field was planted with permaculture of different plants