Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

EuroTeQ „Cities“ Challenge Winners: VERTIGROW

green. lean. clean.

Team Vertigrow: Anna Kulbashna, Mitchell Griffin, Gregory Brewster, Tamara Weghorst. Bild: Veronica Becker / TUM

Vertical farming is an exciting method of growing crops in a space-efficient way that offers several advantages over traditional agriculture, including: 

  • higher crop yields
  • reduced water usage
  • decreased need for pesticides and herbicides
  • the ability to grow crops year-round regardless of climate or weather conditions

Our team is currently working on a prototype system that we can’t wait to show off in Garching-Forschungszentrum. Our hope is to expand our efforts and create a platform for students to explore fascinating topics like project planning, hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics systems, crop production, urban farming, food security, and energy efficiency. By combining technology and agriculture, we believe we can help build a brighter, more sustainable future. Join us in exploring this amazing field!


  • Establishment and maintenance of a vertical farming system 
  • Project management, conceptual design and construction
  • Crop planning and management
  • Focusing on energy and water efficiency

Join if you like…

  • working with an interdisciplinary team 
  • Self-managed workflows
  • CAD Design and Production
  • LED lighting
  • Crop and irrigation system management
  • Software and Hardware Development
  • Computer Programming and AI Development
  • Operation Management & Business

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