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Plant a Seed goes Mexico

We are spreading our seeds to Mexico!

Plant a Seed joined forces with Tlalli Amealco and Architecture students from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla to foster urban gardening in different parts of the world. The objective of the project is to implement a community agro-garden that transforms the degraded public space of the Barrio de Jesús Tlatempa, through planting beds with medicinal and kitchen herbs, pollinator gardens, fruit trees and improved playgrounds.

What do we want to achieve?

Our goal is to empower women and neighbors in the neighborhood of Jesus Tlatempa in Cholula, Mexico; through the improvement of degraded public spaces into playful agro-gardens. We rely on econometric principles to build planting beds for local crops. In addition, we will teach climate-smart agriculture for project sustainability and community collaboration.

Our project seeks to achieve 8 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These are: SDG 2 „Zero Hunger“, SDG 3″ Health and Wellness“, SDG 4 „Quality Education“, SDG 5 „Gender Equity“, SDG 11 „Sustainable Communities and Cities“, SDG 12 „Responsible Consumption and Production“, SDG 13 „Climate Action“, and SDG 15 „Life on Earth“.

About Tlalli Amealco

Tlalli Amealco is a collaborative workshop linked to the social service of Universidad de las Américas Puebla, in Mexico. We develop ecomimetic projects directly with the local community, to respond to their needs and integrate ancestral knowledge to our regenerative designs.

What are we doing?

For the first stage of the project, we collected 1,700 EUR in donations, so we have realized:

  • 10 planting beds
  • Purchase of soil, compost and organic material.
  • Purchase of seeds and medicinal plants.
  • Purchase of watering cans for immediate neighbors.
  • Irrigation system and necessary accessories.
  • Construction materials and tools for gardening and agriculture.
  • Pallet wood for bed construction.
  • Paint for playground equipment and signs.
  • Purchase of material to repair playground equipment.

Thanks to our volunteers and donors, we want to irrigate the soil of the planters, as well as the maintenance of the planted green infrastructure.
At the same time we have worked with the Mayordomía del Barrio de Jesús and the immediate neighbors to guarantee the care and preservation of the project.

Why Mexico?

Did you know that 1m2 of land used as an orchard could produce up to 20 kg of food per year? To give you an idea of what this means in personal intake, experts recommend eating at least 400 gr of fruits and veggies every day. In Mexico, each person consumes an annual average of 14 kg of tomatoes, 15 kg of potatoes and 17 kg of green chili. Mexican women are responsible of half of the food production in their country, albeit having unequal access to land and a consequential lack of access to public facilities, infrastructure programs, loans and economic support for agriculture. Moreover, COVID-19 disrupted the lives of many families around the world. In Cholula, for example, several families lost their family incomes and are not able to buy food. They need our help.

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