Crop Management

Crop Management

„The best way to reconnect with nature is digging in soil and literally getting in touch with our roots“

The Crop Management team is all about fantastic plants and how to care for them! We’re a team of people from all gardening experience levels, from rehabilitating black thumbs to crazy plant people. We take care of organizing visits to the beds, pest management, harvests, and what we plant. And while a lot of our work is directly hands-on with the beds, we also have a lot of back-end work as well! We collect data about our plants and work to figure out how we can improve our plant care.


  • Establishing seed cultivation plans
  • Taking daily care of our plants
  • Establishing care guides
  • Pest management
  • Organising harvest days
  • Data management
  • Learning surveys

Join if you like to…

  • make your hands dirty and visit our beds on campus
  • learn everything about plants
  • research about plant pests
  • working with and organising data